Fragrant mint! Peppermint known since ancient times for its healing and beneficial properties. The mint contains amino acids – minerals such as potassium – phosphorous sodium and calcium and ABCD vitamins.
The menthol extracted has great therapeutic potential against gas formation in the intestine, purifies shampoos and peduncles, decongestionates and fluidises respiratory secretions, has an antiviral action in the gastrointestinal tract and fever, cough, colds , Relaxes the muscles and nerves in the event of migraine and is used against colon irritations.
The mint left in infused water can be used in gargle against bad breath or tonsils encrypted.
The lukewarm tea has a diuretic action, put a handful of fresh mint leaves in boiling water and when it is warm, sweetened with honey and filtered and pour a glass about an hour before meals.
Herbal tea is also used against acne or for refreshing and germicidal baths.
Fresh leaves can be applied with a plaster on the insect bites.
In mint magic, mint plays an important role, the old healer used it to fight herpes, nausea headaches and muscles, but also used it in aphrodisiac potions and magic bags to foster fidelity among lovers.
The mint was called the plant of temperance and humility because it grows and grows in sunny places and has no particular importance.
For a purifying bath that moves away negativity, put salt, mint and lavender in the water. A bundle hanging in the front door is said to appeal to benign spirits and distant malignant presence, so it is also good for protection and purification.
For its pure and intense green color it is often inserted into magic bags to attract job and improve finances.To increase the ability to communicate with the afterlife and to favor prophetic dreams and clairvoyance to burn the mint and aspirate the scent.It promotes optimism and positivity and gives ideas and inspirations in business and commerce.

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