The mimosa name comes from the greek mime, that actor who expresses feelings and states, this is because some species of mimosas are very sensitive to light and touch and seems to be turned away almost shyly.
In the language of the mimosa flower is shyness, modesty, morality but also in modern times mystery and strong will.
An ancient legend has it that a shepherd over heels in love with a nymph, unable to master his passion, forcing her haunted, for defense, hiding in the woods.
The desperate and exhausted nymph for continuous attacks of the pastor, prayed to the God of Hymen turn it into a flower, and was transformed into a mimosa.
Shamans advised to hide a sprig of Momosa under your pillow if you want to predict events in a dream about their future. In fact, the Momosa is renowned for favoring the dream state, the premonitory dreams but breathing deeply his scent even lucid dreams.
It is also used as a protection both in ritual baths and as fumigation against evil and bills, but also to promote and protect the true love and virginity.
Anch andthe its intense yellow color represents courage, responsibility, strong personality, protection, vitality, divination.

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