Lavender is a plant rich in essential oils that give it an antispasmodic and sedative action on the nervous system is use a case of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, headaches and chronic migraines, stress and insomnia.
Its active ingredients play a soothing and balsamic action on the respiratory system, combined with the mint is used with good results in treating all colds: flu, coughs, colds and catarrh.
Moreover lavender limits the formation of stagnation in the gastro-intestinal gas, calms pain and abdominal cramps and helps to stretch the muscles of the abdomen and the formation of air in the gastrointestinal tract.
In external use the employ for its detergents, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, healing and decongestant: decoctions to cleanse wounds, relieve itching reduce oral irritations.
In magic lavender occupies a place of honor for centuries in fact, thanks to the purifying virtues and defensive is used to prepare protective incense, purifiers and rituals and bags to attract amore.Le healers gathered the stems to make bunches and hang to dry with rosemary and sage in the front door and then burned.
The dried leaves are used as a bed to rest the charcoal burning incense. The flowers were scattered around the house perfume it to purify it but also for fostering peace . Under the pillow it promotes breathing and clears the dreams and prophetic visions. an infusion or tee for meditation or relax deeply is obtained by mixing lavender with chamomile or jasmine flowers and mix it with honey after boiling. with lavender flowers and pine needles you can prepare a bag to put in the bath water against melancholy and sadness or muscle pain.

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