alloroThe laurel is a plant much used in magic and healing. Laurel has many qualities: purification, wealth, success, protection, strengthens the quality prophetic. It is burned before a ritual, pulverized, to clean up space, to ward off negativity.
It is also used as a talisman to attract wealth, just take three sprigs of laurel and tie them together and hang them in home.for the Roman laurel was a symbol of victory, was worn by the gladiators who survived the wars. A sprig of laurel is used to disperse water consecrated and blessed in holy places, magical or to form the magic circle. a leaf under the pillow or burn the leaves before falling asleep induces prophetic dreams and fight lack magic rituals we use to burn laurel joined the sandal. laurel berries are used in rituals for work and success and attract money. also for purifying baths are used bay leaves dipped in water calda.on healing is used to treat wounds, against bones and muscle hills , flu, bronchitis. The bay has a lot of iron and minerals useful to the strengthening of the immune system, the blood and the sight.

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