Helichrysum is a well known plant in the magic, herbalism and medicine since ancient times. Pliny and Dioscorides considered the everlasting a universal remedy for most ailments of the human body due to the myriad of its active ingredients.
The Helichrysum name comes from the greek words Helios the Sun God and Crysos ie gold.
Helios in Greek mythology was the brother of the moon and -Selena of aurora-Eos and brought light to people along the way the sky from East to West aboard a golden chariot drawn by four horses while on the way back, from west to east, he ran through the sky on board a ship of gold.
Helios was considered an enemy of criminals and evildoers, had the ability to see everything that was hidden and his name was invoked by the Greeks in oaths.
oprannominato “immortal” for his ability to not wither ever after harvest, this plant with golden blossoms blooming in June was very popular at the beginning of
The Helichrysum is in fact used as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic, antiatritico, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, purifying, antispasmodic, drains the kidneys, it helps to expectorate the phlegm. Externally it is used as anticicatrizzante, antieczemico and against psoriasis. To prepare the oil helichrysum by massaging of bruises, burns or dermatitis, fill a glass jar sterilizzatocon flowers and leaves of Helichrysum and aggimgere olive oil to the brim, we press the plants well and remember that the oil must pass the plants and not there must be bubbles. close, flip it once a day and after about three weeks, flitrare the oil and pressing plants. store in a cool, dark place.

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