GUGGUL is a rubber – resin that is extracted from the Commiphora cortex

mukul. This is an Asian shrub that is very thorny and has a very intense aroma.

The word guggulo comes from Sanskrit and means the one who protects from illnesses while the Arabs already worship it as a medicine because they used it against diarrhea and colic, but also against cough and sciatica and leg pain.

In today’s ayurvedic medicine is used as an anti-inflammatory and against metabolic disorders.

Simple fumigation with Guggul only helps against catarrh and cough, but also for purifying and purifying environments.

In recent years, active thyroid metabolic properties have been discovered, and the usefulness of treating the overweight has been confirmed.

It is used against nervous stress and strong nervousness because it is able to give calm and calm the anxious states that come from the nervous and psychological system.

In magic, it is used in rituals to promote healing and also to the development of spiritual faculties. Powerful help to promote visions and meditations helps in chakra and aura purification rituals

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