This method of reading is used with the major Arcana of the Tarot and is read in two different ways. It should be used to understand and sharply and profoundly detail a person’s personality in both his subconscious and his conscious. So also what a person tries to repress or hide.


It represents the consultant – card 1 – and his way of showing himself to other people with his positive sides – card 2- and negatives – card 3 – and what influences the way of showing oneself – cards 4 + 5.


Starting from paper 1 we look at the cards that are below -4 + 5 – represent the subconscious and all that the consultant represses or does not show of his personality while the 2 + the 3 show what most comes to the surface ie the sides that the Consultant lets glimpse or shows only to trusted people. The card 1 shows him in his complexity and then leaves for this reading from the cards below.


The 4 + 5 cards represent his primordial instincts and the survival force and the 2 + 3 cards symbolize the traumas or inner events that created these instincts and the number 1 card shows us how the consultant lives his inner being. Let us remember that this is the most difficult and delicate part of reading because you could really discover the tombstones of the most hidden and recondite personality of the consultant and this can be painful or embarrassing.

Some advices:

Use this method of reading only if you really know the various meanings of the Major Arcana so it is not a method suitable for beginners.

Try not to interpret the major arcana with meanings of predefined combinations but always analyze well colors- numbers- symbols- and also follow your sixth sense and your intuition but free from any prejudice.

After you have analyzed one paper at a time used – as always to clarify and deepen – the method of the mirror or diagonal then you will analyze the cards also in the combination 5-2 and 3-4 but also 1-4-5.

At the end sum the number represented in each card the total number will naturally represent a card of the major arcana. This card can also be used as a final or clarifying result and if a card is already present it will be a card whose meaning is reinforced or shows a prevailing characteristic of the personality.


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