The Devil in Tarot cards

In the Rider Waite Tarot the Devil is sitting on a small altar where they are chained two naked figures, male and female. In the right hand raised depicted on the palm he has the astrological glyph of Saturn. In his left hand he holds a lighted torch. In front of this is an inverted pentagram, the symbol of matter who triumphs over the spirit.
The inverted pentagram also symbolizes the human body overturned so that symbolizes sexual desire prevails over consciousness.
The Devil is a card with multiple meanings, it is associated with exaggerated habits, slavery and dependencies both materials such as drugs, alcohol, illusions, lies, but also psychological addictions to severe psychological disorders. The devil shows our part of the subconscious that shows us dipped survival, perverse sexual instincts or otherwise without feelings, hatred, restlessness, anger without control but also mental rigidity, blocks, limitations. The devil symbolizes the chains that bind us, enemies, obstacles but also a card that tells us and invites us to react and to have confidence in ourselves and to free ourselves, to use our strength and our occult powers.
A profound and positive element in the card is the enormous resource of strength and power, which the consultant must learn to master, and that can save him from danger.
The card symbolizes a false person, selfish, bad, with a strong will, energetic and magnetic, a tyrant, hostile, violent, unscrupulous.
Both the emotional level that work the Devil does not bring anything good, layoffs, Competitiveness, bullying, threatening bankruptcy and closing stores or company, seducers, masochism, betrayal, abuse, extreme sex, extreme jealousy and possessiveness, disloyalty, separations , divorces, bonds for interest and not for love.
The card on the reverse indicates a triumph of evil, negative situations, the enemies, fear, danger of violence, falls into the abyss of addictions, negative influences on others, power, fraud, damage, intrigue, mental and spiritual energies that are used counter destructive as black magic practices.
Heralds upheaval, absolutely no rules, especially in sexual matters: perversions, violence, unwanted or difficult pregnancy, abortions, misfortunes, complications, delays, unbridled ambitions.

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