The card The Keys in Lenormand

The number 33 card of the Sibyls of Lenormand is the Key: a very favorable and positive card in itself but able to influence the other cards, reinforcing the meaning both in negative and positive.

The key has two meanings: on the one hand it opens or closes a door and on the other gives security and success. If the question is a yes or no and the key exits the answer will be affirmative. Attention always to the side of the key and how we interpret the cards that are before or after: all that is still closed or blocked or unresolved or unimportant is found before the key – in the side we hold in hand – and all that is unlocked and it resolves or is decisive and important lies after the key – the cards after the opening side.

Let us remember that the key also symbolizes the carmic and spiritual side and unlike the cross, not the institutional religious one. The key resembles the book in symbolism with the difference that shows dynamism and an action or change that is about to take place. It is also often consulted as a warning card that warns us of dangers or intrigue or something that is about to happen that could either damage us or save us. The paper shows us to our spiritual sides that carmici and therefore also which and where there are blocks and how to solve them or what will develop in our abilities. Even people close to paper have an important role in our life or they were until recently: it all depends on the position of the paper in the draft. It also symbolizes destiny and something on which fate has more power than ourselves.

The paper also represents all manual and artisan work and if combined and to health represents minerals in the body. The key is an element that brings good luck, ideas, hopes, decisions and discoveries and a journey within ourselves that is still indefinable. As a person’s card it represents a man who either by personality or by profession can be a craftsman or a man in search of the truth and attracted by all that is hidden and inexplicable.

The meaning of the card is strengthened by the 8 of paintings that symbolizes news and good wishes. Also the 8 of diamonds is a card called weak because it must be interpreted with the other cards to have a value and a meaning full alone, indicates a short time and brings us back to materiality.

The number 3 is an important number in numerology is in fact the number of communication and creativity of the union of the Triads. In the Cabbala it is represented by Ghimel that reinforces the meaning of movement and action and the will to expand.

The number 33 decomposed into two 3 and added 6 refers to the spirituality and union of the macrocosm and microcosm, therefore to the carma and destiny.

The number 6 is connected in the Cabbala to the letter Vav which means hook and expansion. The card, the Key, connects us and engages in decisions and challenges, above all professional and material, and here too we find a change and a new evolution.

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