STEP 1 How to convey and help healing through our energy?

Surely you have already heard about terms like PRANA AND CHI-KI, which are nothing but our own energy and universal energy.

There are many ways to channel our energy and let it flow through your hands.

Of course, for those who are now facing the world of alternative healings or still being a beginner this may seem like an easy thing but in fact it is not. Everything requires a profound knowledge not only of the body but of ourselves and of the obligatory steps: even if you can already perceive your energy you have to learn to channel it and use it but also to reload it and above all to protect yourself from the energies of others and to load these energies.

So within ourselves there must be a perfect acceptance of ourselves and a balance harmonized between body and psyche.

Even the only knowing how to channel and let the energy flow does not mean that it works: at the base there must always be the free will and the pure desire to help and to be able to do it. Let’s start with an exercise that you will know, that is to recognize your energy. Sit in a silent place with your eyes closed and breathe deeply for about 10 seconds. then after you breathe, hold for about 2-3 seconds the air trying to feel how a bright ball of energy is formed between you and your heart. do this exercise 3 or 5 times and then imagine that this ball goes straight to your hands. rub your hands until you feel a tingling or heat and with time you will feel this ever-stronger energy in you crossing your body and limbs until you get to your hands. now distance your hands a few inches and feel the energy ball between them.

Begin your journey with this exercise without too much pretending to yourself and without waiting for results right away and do not rush.

The first few weeks sent this sphere of energy into the universe. Do not use it again to help yourself or other people. Be very careful about the feelings you experience when doing the exercises as well as the environment. A quiet environment with little stimulation and ventilated is optimal. You have to be calm and mind yourself and relax. You do not have to get rid of negative feelings or let images of negative or unpleasant situations alter your emotions. You need to focus and feel only yourself and your breath and energy. If you are sick or hasty or want to have results with strength your energy will be of insignificant quality.

To recharge your energy, you will have lost using methods. One is to stand up with arms raised and legs slightly dissected and absorb the sun or moon energy. Another method is to walk barefoot in the countryside or in a wood or sit back with a tree back. Here too is the rule of not thinking and focusing on what you are doing and hearing. Nature works for us and with us, but we also have to work on it. We also learn immediately after each healing to shake hands as if to throw away the residues of our energy and those we absorbed and wash them with cold running water. The best would be with sea water or river.

With the passing of weeks we introduce a variation: when you have your energy ball in your hands try to distance your hands so that the ball slowly spreads. You will hear yourself when the right time has come because your hands will be warmer and heavier. Another important thing to work on is electromagnetism: even in our hands as in the body and in nature we are equipped with electric and magnetic poles. As we are living batteries we also usually have the electrical pole in the left hand and the magnetic in the right hand. If we are left behind will be the opposite. The electric hand is therefore the hand that gives energy while the magnetic is the one that receives it. so we will often realize that energy has to be balanced and that the magnetic hand is the one that absorbs the energies of others altogether. Try doing an exercise: put your hands about 1 centimeter over a stone or over a flower and relax while waiting and not trying to feel the energy of the stone or flower flowing to you. Never force feelings!

An important exercise for downloading excessive energy but also getting used to breathing in the right way is a breathing exercise: relaxed, we seek inspiration to imagine introducing into us a bright energy that expands in our body. then we hold the air for a few seconds imagining that a fog is formed in us, that is, dark energy that is formed by our negative feelings and harmful energies. When we expose we visualize and feel how these energies come out of us and let them go away like a cloud of smoke that will endure on their own.


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