Number 3 Personality

Number 3 Personality

It is the optimism and corresponds to a whimsical personality, cheerful and creative. It features consist expressiveness and communication. Its negative aspects, can be represented by vanity and dispersion.

Considered the “perfect number”, as an expression of the Triad or Trinity, the Number Three is associated with Jupiter that is the authorities, the sense of duty led to its ultimate expression. And ‘the spiritual symbol of the plant stretching its branches (trifurcation) and the Pythagoreans considered it sacred because it allows you to draw the triangle, perfect figure.The number three symbolizes the creativity as an expression and development of the intellect. Furthermore, is the right to use the most of the knowledge acquired and to develop new communication systems. The number Three exudes a deep energy that is expressed so lovely and passionate.The person is generally optimistic and likes to decorate everything that surrounds his life. His actions are always accompanied by great enthusiasm and participation externalizing, at the same time, the strong inner potentiality. The people represented by the number three find their right size in relation to others, sharing ideas, thoughts and emotions. Generally cheerful, friendly and with a keen sense of humor.

The person who bears the this number expresses the tendency for calm and serenity, will be able to demonstrate a sincere friendship and will tend to customize the environment in which he lives over to the small and simple joys of everyday life. Support will also be sociable, extrovert and creative, capable of big aesthetic qualities, lucky and able to solve problems that arise in life.

The negative – will need to take a cautious and prudent as this figure assumes meanings darkness like jealousy that can lead to violence, vanity, arrogance, neglect and inconclusiveness.

The number 3 will express concrete and construction, the relentless desire to reach them.

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