Day number 12

daynumber 12

You possess a high degree of artistic talent,especially in the verbal and writing skills and these areas should be cultivated. Be careful not to waste time and energy on trivial matters, and keep your priorities in perspective. You are emotional, sensitivity and susceptibility, friendly, sociable, progressive thinkers, able to combine theoretical and practical with the help of a big deep intuition.people with the 12 have a powerful personality, but without fanaticism. In feelings and love, family, friendship and marriage they are very sincere and willing to be equal partners. They are sexually strong and do not have inhibitions and they pretend r the same participation from their partners, who should be free from prejudice and taboos. but 12 people are tender lover, sensitive, they will never get full satisfaction, if there is no spiritual communication with their partner.People of Number 12 are usually lucky. The second half of their life is often better than the first one. They are usually popular because of their positive mind and their bright character and they offend noone.
You possess a high degree of artistic talent that emerges in virtually everything you take seriously, your home, your cooking, the way you express yourself, and any artistic endeavor you commit to. that can be the best work, to let the creativity work.

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