5 of swords

In  the esoteric tradition has various meanings. In interpretation of time denotes something sudden, unexpected thick that comes with violence, bringing conflicts and problems. 5 of swords symbolizes the paper of the loss, of loneliness, even a positive resolution of a problem or situation but with a loss of margin and bitterness. Denotes physical and emotional exhaustion after illness or trauma, we are out of danger but we still can not focus on positivity and rebirth, we are still focused on pain and whatsoever loss, we are confused. Everything passes but we do not vediamo.the future wil be a period of struggles, sacrifices, intense efforts, it recommended to use patience, prudence, not to let themselves be overwhelmed by emotions such as sadness or anger and to think clearly. To right the 5 of swords is not so bad and strong as the reverse, we must always be wary of cards that surround and accompany. This card bring always momentary blocks both families, and in work, and in the finances, that in love, and in the new companies, which even in defeat, imprisonment and emotional organico.it shows state, imprisonment, tears, an unlucky period dark, something obscure, corruption, aggressiveness, black work, poorly paid, something illegal, bankruptcy, some negative and cunning of which we do not realize that may be dangerous and harmful to us. Swords are the suit of the minor arcana which always warn and predict something negative, opposite, dangerous. Swords -like direction cut a situation causing injuries and losses, conflicts but also leave a path of hope, inviting us to think rationally and to use the knowledge and courage.

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