4 of the cups

The 4 of the tarot cups shows us a person sitting in arms and legs almost holding back all their energy and not taking them outside. His face shows traits closed and thoughtful, unhappy and dissatisfied, bored and ungrateful. Despite the cups being a symbol of well-being and fullness, the character shows that he has achieved many material successes in life but his determination to have has brought nothing emotionally or happy to him.

A card that exhorts to reflect on the real needs of life that are not only material but also sentimental. It reflects on new projects and novelties that might come. The shaking hand from the cloud that offers a cup to the young man symbolizes the possibility of a new beginning and changing the future by learning from the past and relying on internal values ​​rather than material. The past is over and everything that comes back from the past will not give happiness but will bring other irritability and confusion. This paper represents stagnation and a life where everything is firm: love, work, finances.

The only positive note is a tree that is supported by the character that has stability and strength to regenerate. Selfishness: Autumn but invites not to wait too much and to act without impulse.

On the contrary – alone – this card has a more positive meaning that strengthens if accompanied by positive but negative cards if it is accompanied by negative cards in both upturned and upright positions. It means opening up prospects and seeing future projects. Beginning of a relationship and hope. New arrivals and pleasant encounters.

Right to love leads to meaningless infatuation or a habitual relationship and a general sense of physical and spiritual illness. Disadvantages and anxiety but also old grudges and jealousies and disagreements.

Positive for the family as it can predict conception but also sale of a property even if with delay and with a bitter background.

In work and business means contracts or work that are undergoing delays but are not canceled and a job that is stagnant and we do no more for passion but for money only.

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