What does it mean to dream of a home?

The house, its internal and external have esoteric and psychological meanings very important in the interpretation of dreams. The house is our soul, our character and personality, so everything ourselves. We must be careful to sites that we see in dreams, are bright or dark? feeling that we entered in the rooms? we want to enter or remain outside? as are furnished and there are people in it? the doors are open or closed? for example a closed room where we do not want to get denotes a part of our psyche where we do not investigate for fear of the memories that we might find or out of fear of finding in us the features that a rational level may not like. The bright, open rooms show that a communicative personality, outgoing, caring but if the rooms have the shadowy corners and remains also show that these features are not spontaneous but are used to satisfy our ego. The garden around the house symbolizes our inner growth, what we do for ourselves, as we care and how we socialize. The house is like a projection of ourselves, the kitchen for example is the safest room is the room where we welcome people who love showing all of us and we trust therefore symbolizes propio as we place ourselves in front of the other people and to ourselves. a house with many rooms shows that we are exploring ourselves, the roof, for example, is our sense of protection, and what or who comes this protection, the basement or the attic symbolize our most hidden parts, and what surprises us find ourselves, the bedroom symbolizes the mental and bodily fatigue but also sexuality, our most intimate part.

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