The triangle in magic

The TRIANGLE in magic has a very special and important meaning.

Its greatest significance in the ceremonial magic is the concretization – the materialization – the manifestation. In fact, outside of the protective circle, a triangle is placed in which order is ordered for any non-required entities from the ritual to manifest itself and be almost imprisoned in the triangle.

In practice magic and desire, the triangle is the symbol of the realization of desire. They will write their desires on a small trap cut out in the vegetable parchment and they will burn in the flame of a candle focusing on success. Be careful not to write unmistakable or selfish ego desires.

Very often, seals or magic formulas or prayers are written on a virgin parchment triangle.

The triangle encloses an ancient and profound symbolism in almost all the magical and esoteric traditions. Symbol of the union of the mind-body-spirit, then the connection with the Divine and the four elements (air-ground-fire-water).

But turning to numerology, its 3 sides demonstrate to us Divinity in us (union of father-mother-son), then Creation and manifestation in the world of creation- Microcosm in the macrocosmo- universe in us.

The 3 sides in the Cabala symbolize expansion and growth – it’s the perfect figure. In the oldest esoteric symbols we find the triangle: Masonic-celti – Egyptian-Jewish. In the Paleolithic era was the procreative force of the Great Goddess as a woman in which the vulva had a triangular shape.

There are many triangular formations like Celtic symbols – the star of David – the 2-point triangle that assumes meanings that reinforce and amplify the original meaning of the triangle.

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