The Sacral chakra

Mooladhara, also called by Hindu Swadhistana, is the sacral chakra, one of the main chakras. In Sanskrit it means root while for Hindus it means dwelling, and it is the chakra placed at the base of the vertebral column under the sacrum. When you hear talk of awakening the energy of Kundalini you work with this Chakra because in it is located the vital energy that is the Kundalini.The Sacral Chakra absorbs the energy of the earth and having a vertical orientation manages to release the tensions letting them flow up to the chakra of the feet. In fact, this chakra is the energy center from which the sexual instincts are born, the innermost impulses linked to creation and fruitfulness as a function of the regeneration of oneself and of the species.

The chakra is defined that connects our inner world to the external world and is associated with the element of water and the orange color, symbol of the nature of our true inner I and of practical, emotional and fertile creativity, success and sexuality.

The water element represents the world of the unconscious and subconscious therefore our primordial forces and instincts of survival and is the center of our emotions and of how they affect our life, in fact the working perception of the sacral chlkra manifests itself in living satisfactorily the interpersonal relationships, our success suffers because it gives us motivation, wellness ideas, makes us able to express our creativity and also to live a sexually healthy life both under physical as well as emotional and mental. Already in children it has been observed that in balanced sacral chakra it influences their learning of primary functions such as sleeping or eating or being thirsty, but also the trust in parents, the desire to experiment and the pursuit of pleasure.

In fact, we have noticed huge imbalances and a partial closure of the chakra in people who have suffered violence and abuse, primarily on a sexual level, thus also triggering guilt and shame, fear of sex and addictions but also in the case of serious emotional abuse as the denial of absolving primary needs like sleeping or eating but also preventing emotional growth and relationships with other children or preventing the growth of one’s personality.

People who have suffered these abuses, if not help with appropriate therapies, often live in their trauma and manifest themselves differently in some dependencies on substances, food or sex, others can not relate to people, others become self-destructive denying the possibility of satisfying their own needs and above all they have big sexual problems from not living sex to live it in a wild and perverse way.

At the corporal level, the sacral chakra controls the kidneys and their functioning, the central nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the intestinal and genital organs and the adrenal glands which are endocrine glands responsible for the production of andrenaline.

On a psychological level, it symbolizes our survival instinct and the sense of right both at the mental, emotional, sensory and practical levels, creativity,

When the Sacral chakra is blocked, sexuality is not experienced or experienced perversely, and even at the character level there is an excess of anger, fanaticism, fear and mental rigidity. While if it goes too fast, it will manifest an excess of attachment to material things and aggressive behavior that can lead to violence.

The imbalances of the sacral chakra also involve the chakras of the third eye and of the crown as they are closely linked by the glandular system, so an imbalance could cause musculoskeletal problems in the spine but also intestinal dysfunction and inflammation of the genital apparatus as well as you’re psychologically characterized by phobias and anxieties, insecurity and lack of self-esteem and distress.

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