The Rockcrystal

Rock crystal is a hyaline quartz with enormous magic and healing is also called Queen of Stone, the queen of the stones for its purifying qualities. In the purification of the chakras is often used ,laying it in the head chakras, the seventh chakra to purify. the name derives from the greek chrystallos meaning “clear ice”. The ancient Greeks believed that rock crystal was ice solidified.
According to popular beliefs we should place two crystals on the soles of the feet to immediately reduce fever and lower body temperature.
Australian Aborigines called quartz mabain and used it to obtain and enhance their powers because it was said to have hypnotic qualities and divination fact many crystal balls are made with rock crystal.
the shamans called the stone of light because it captures the essence of light that is the divine spirit.
This crystal is used in crystal therapy, in magic and healing to boost and strengthen the energy of crystals and other stones, but also because it has the power to act as a filter with negative energies also electromagnetic. It is recommended to place it near the door of entry of the houses near the windows, computers and televisions and phones. The elixir of rock crystal is great for eliminating toxins, soothe toothaches, cleanse the stomach and intestines, put a whole night in a glass jug full of water a beautiful rock crystal pure and not working and the next day you drink acqua. good for develope the concentration, harmony, trust and self-confidence, positioned on the temples defeats headaches. Psychologically helps us to let emerge from the unconscious and subconscious memories, it helps us in the regressions, energizes and transforms harmful energies. Wicca witches often use it to create wands also called command wands or the magic circle to the protective properties it counteracts evil eye and black magic.
You can load the moonlight or sunlight, rinse with cold tap water preferably in a spontaneous source.

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