The power of affirmations

Affirmations are phrases that act on all levels by transforming ourselves and part of reality by creating positive or reflecting situations or features and eliminating negative ones. The most important thing is to free some of the beliefs we have and often are negative either by habit or lack of self-esteem or because we always fall into the same problem as if we were living in a well-defined and negative mental pattern. This is the main problem for which statements often do not work. All that we say or think of are energy vibrations that attract the same energy so it would really be useless to say something and at the same time think and believe the exact opposite.It does not make sense to believe that the statements act on their own but we really have to have faith and think continually in a positive way and never doubt the outcome. The more we have any uncertainties and the less doubts the statements will work.

It is also very important to know the outcome of the affirmations, in fact, if we pronounce them automatically without putting all our energy and the senses will never work. We must try to start the power of affirmations and change from the subconscious, that is to reprogram it to think and thus to attract what we need or wish and learn to recognize the first results for how small they are and not expect huge results from the first day. Using our imagination we will feel emotions and this is a valid help to be aware that statements are moving something in us. Let us fall asleep with the thought of affirmation and imagine the result as we lived it now and awaken us with this image and feeling. Let us look for when we have a moment for us during the day to take a minute to dive into our image and repeat our affirmation and above all we try to feel our sensation when an opposite thought comes to us and are attacked by the doubt or personal characteristics we want to change. Spiritual affirmations are like a great fire transformer.

Some examples to better understand! If, for example, we decide to diminish our impulsiveness when we are angry, we must imagine ourselves in a situation where someone makes us angry and react as and when we are calm. We can imagine a person who favors makes us angry and see us in front of this person who insults us and we look into his eyes and ignoring his words we are calm and relaxed. Let us feel the tranquility and calm in us and repeat ourselves: I am calm. I am in peace with myself and the whole world. I’m fine and I’m quiet. Of course at the beginning it will not be easy because the anger will attack us but let’s get used to thinking of this statement even in front of the person who springs it.

Another example if we need it and really want more money we must first try to find out where we are wrong. Do we earn little or spend too much? Let’s find out where the problem was. If the problem is a job where we gain little then is the solution going to look for another job or wanting an increase in the current job? If, for example, we decide to want a second job then do we want to use your interests and hobbies or do we want to be hired?

For example, if we decide to open an online store then we have to do two things. focus on opening it in practice and immediately imagine selling and cashing.

the affirmations? I gain by selling my products. my products attract customers. I’m positive and my shop is interesting. I work honestly and people recognize and love my products. my customers love the products I offer. I love my job and earn so much money


The first rule is of course not to wait for the change from one day to another and also to expect that the statements solve all of our problems without us really believing and we are committed to realizing them in practical life. We analyze how we can change the situation in practice and the mistakes we have made so far.

The second rule is to formulate statements with calm and attention following the scheme:

foRmulate affirmations only with positive phrases and positive words

DO NOT use phrases like I do not want or are not words like nothing and nothing or ever

use only the present time as if the purpose for which the statements were being made is now being realized or has just been realized

do not make statements that can not correspond to reality or that are selfish and manipulative towards other people

the most effective statements are those we formulate individually

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