The magic knotes and ritual

Of ancient Celtic and northern Germanic origin, node magic unleashes a fascinating magical tradition that has since handed on from generation to generation until today. It is said that and Celtic sailors brought with them on their long journeys, a cin rope which had been twisted by a witch 3 nodes, these nodes the witch had bound the winds, the sailor melted nodes only when needed for a particular wind .
Over time, the magic of the nodes has taken on forms and negative meanings through interpretations of the Bible in which is expressed the command to stay away from tying the knot.
But like any form of magic, the magic of the nodes that can be used in more positive form. The driving force for the success of the magic is to know how to tie knots over the concentration, the feelings we have and the desire for the success of the ritual. So never make a ritual only in automatic form because it would never work.
Following the original tradition of using the rope or of the perfect cord- would be if it worked it colorful, so pure-. Of course we will be careful-if not in case of emergency-even the moon phase, and then to untie or let go of something or someone, to get rid of something uncomfortable or alienate those who harm us or healing rituals (to remove noise) wait for the waning moon , rituals in which the knotted rope is hidden expect new moon or full moon, in the rituals where costruimao something or we lay the foundations for a new life and a beginning or propitiatory egg will use the strength of growing.
Choosing a suitable color from the candle or white, in traditional magic candles are increasingly important part of any ritual, the fire and the air have the ability to bring in the ether in our desire and turn it into reality.

********* ****** Certain rituals

to remove a person who tries to harm you, or get rid of an uncomfortable habit or situation become a subsidy-driven heavy rope tied the first knot by focusing on the problem, trying to channel all the emotion that you can on the node, the second node linked the situation or the person that causes the problem, in the third tied the success. You may also think that you are already distancing you from this person or this situation then is already succeeding.
When the candle has finished burning and you will be calmer melt all the nodes in the order in which you made them or burn the rope. then throw the nets in nature.
For a rite or spell you can do the same with your desire or use the ancient ritual of 9 or 7 knots. remeberi that the node represents our desire
The nodes will be dissolved one at a time for nine- seven consecutive days, in the order with which they were linked.

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