The heart chakra


The heart chakra called Anahata is the fourth main chakras. It symbolizes the ability to love emotionally that is the pure love that isemathy comes from the heart that unites and connects soul, spirit and body, so there is an external sessualhis love and radiates it becomes compassion. And the courage chakra to be themselves, of being able to forgive and love unconditionally, the sense of fellowship with other people and the world around us, gives us the ability to get in tune with our creative side, it gives us a sense tactile and empathetic.
The heart chakra is situated in the pectoral area connected not only with the heart but also with skin, blood circulation and lungs, thymus gland wing. It not by chance belongs to air element.
Is symbolized by a green or pink lotus flower with twelve petals, the center of which is a star to six points, a triangle formed by the spirit that descends to the matter and a triangle of matter that goes up to the spirit then a symbol of perfection and equilibrio.Il heart chakra is the one that links the three centers of the lower chakras with the top ones so the physical and emotional centers for mental and spiritual centers.
When the heart chakra is almost closed meaning that the person has suffered a serious injury that may be the death of a loved one or for example the end of a great love or a great disappointment in the field sentimental. If this person closes in on itself, it becomes cold and no longer able to love it there to forgive, if flees every relationship and emotional contact, and every affection may also have some health problems such as breathing or circulation problems, back problems and the hands and braccia. in more serious cases such as abuse or ill-treatment at an early age not only physical but also psychological can cause serious problems to the immune system.

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