TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it

TELEPATHY: what is and how to develop it

Telepathy is a form of extrasensory perception and transmission of images or mental thoughts between people or persons or animals, without the use of other senses.

Very often it is an uncontrollable faculty for those who have received this gift since birth. Learning to communicate telepathically requires years and continuous exercises, and above all, a high level of concentration and profound knowledge and acceptance of oneself.

You have to learn as soon as you start concentrating all your energies on thought and your mental capacity. Do not expect too much expectations in a hurry. Be positive and convinced you can succeed but practice with steadfastness and dedication. Relax and do not argue.

One of the simplest methods to begin developing telepathy is in the road as you walk.

Let’s start looking carefully at the back of a person walking and mentally ordering the person to turn around: repeat the sentence: GIRATI DEVI GIRARTI. The first few months maybe the person will not turn but will feel observed but with the practice the person will react to the command. You can do this exercise even if you stand in front of a person and look in the middle of your eyebrows – the third eye seat.

Exercises with another person:

Exercise 1: We need a person who sends an image – sender – and one receiving it – receiving. Initially you could do a very simple exercise: draw 2 different shapes on a sheet and cut them and look at them silently trying not to betray emotions. Then place the sheet on a table and leave the white part of the sheet in front of you and look in your eyes. Relax deeply and quietly and slowly the sender should concentrate only on a figure as he sees it in front of himself and looks at him looking for not to think. the receiver must try to emulate the mind and not recreate the images seen: the receiver is passive and open without straining to receive or conjure images or thoughts. When this exercise will work after so many attempts with different figures we begin to increase the number of figures and continue to exercise constantly. Always try to be in no hurry to exaggerate.

Exercise 2: The sender has to think of an image or figure that triggers emotions but he must also try not to let the emotions out. the receiver must be able to capture emotions because every sensation and emotion generate electromagnetic energies and waves. Here too the receiver must be passive and try to feel and not to reflect on what emotion or feeling the sender is concentrating on.

Only after working on a series of emotions the sender has to think of a spell that evokes emotion and focuses both on the image and emotion as it is in the image. It is not easy, in fact, in the early stages of landscapes you know and to which you are linked by particular situations or people.

This time the receiver must be able to describe something in the picture. Do not believe in the first attempts to describe a full and detailed image because this process will last many months of hard work so do not be discouraged.

Important is when you do the exercises to turn off all the electronic instruments.

You have to be undisturbed then turn off cell phones and TVs and stereo.


As you spend time, you will begin to notice that some thoughts and images that you suddenly feel and appear before and are not yours.

Do not be scared: Your gift is beginning to grow and interiorize.


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