Starting to develope your Divine Abilities

Developed your senses it is the ground and basic and fundamental point that you recognize your skills and begin to use them and awake your intuition and mediumship.The first exercises are passive exercises, in the sense that you must observe but not act, you must learn to recognize your sensations and the external feelings that come from the environment and the lighter and subtle sounds that are human or environmental.
Take a bandage or a scarf and leg in your head covering your eyes. Move slowly into the room when you touch a stopped object and try to hear the feelings this object gives you. The first few times will be just hot or cold feelings, of the material with which it is made for not looking for logical explanations. Accepts what you hear at the beginning even if they seem like little information. Then always with their eyes closed and try to hear the noise that can be in the room or come from outside. Similarly after about two weeks do the same exercises by beginning to try to understand what sounds you hear or what sensations you know. After about another two weeks, do the same exercises but cover one eye and focus on the hearing with ears ear plugs with one ear. Now you will begin to become an active part of the exercises: after about two months you start to dwell on what you hear with hearing and touch, now you just do not have to hear, listen carefully and reflect on what you touch by trying to analyze the objects. At the same time, you will start a new exercise in two different ways: cover your eyes and start passively trying not to think about anything let you slide the pictures you see, no matter what they are and what time or how rational let your mind wander and observe Without doing anything. The same exercise in the nature observes what you see without thinking to look at and just but open-minded and focused on nature’s characteristics trying to capture every detail even insignificant. You do not have to hurry.After about 3 weeks you will also become active here you have to begin to know how to hold the pictures you see and to activate the inner concentration but also to move the images you do not want to see: do this exercise with closed eyes. Sit comfortably and concentrate on a white or black point and look at it fixed, the point will never stand still but you have to follow it with your eyes without letting you distract from what you see on the sides or what passes you in front or what you feel in the room. With open eyes: in a white sheet, draw a black circle and attach it to a white wall. Concentrates on the black circle. With the passing of time you will draw the circle smaller and smaller, change size whenever you can concentrate on the circle without distracting you for at least 5 minutes, the circle must become a tiny black point and you have to fix it.

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