Small propitiatory rites for the new year?

In the esoteric tradition there are many, from simple rituals with candles against magic bags, the invocations.
I have prepared for you some easy but effective! Important: When you prepare the bag or carried out the ritual you have to do it with feeling, focusing on the purpose as if you were making at the time.
Magic bag for success and finances: in a box of golden or yellow cloth insert the cinnamon powder, 3 small grains of pure incense and a coin petite. close and stitch and pass the smoke of incense or sage 3 times. Always bring your purse.
Parchment magic: in a piece of parchment write your wishes for the new year, you are well careful not to overdo it and to write realistic desires. then go to 3 times the parchment over the smoke of incense and sprinkle with a few drops of holy water, who already aware of high magic can purify and bless the water, preferably rainwater or natural source.
Bag to meet the true love: a red silk square insert 3 red rose petals, 3 white rose petals and myrrh powder. close, incense and keep in the bedroom.
Bag for the home: in a green or white cloth square insert 3 seeds of wheat, 3 grains of coarse salt and 3 grains of incense. close and incense, keep behind the door. Alternatively we could also form a small bunch of herbs tied with a green wire, which of course must be hung before incensing: with rosemary, lavender, wheat ears.
Little jar of glass to be frozen: write all the things that you want to delete, situations, people, habits that you want to turn away from you in a white parchment paper and place in a glass jar and fill it with honey. incense and freeze!

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