Beautiful prayer of Haziel, angeologist and French writer on the angel – genius of the Jewish cabbal Sehaliah, to whom I feel immensely bound by having given as my second name to my own baby Sehaliah. Also known as Seheliah and Saeliah, his name is formed by the Hebrew letters Sitael Alef Lamed Yod He and means “God of all things.”

From prayer – invoking Haziel:

SEHALIAH, Lord, I feel ripe, like a sun

which needs to spread its seed into the Universe

and you have to help me so that I do not manifest myself

ruthlessly the Virtues,

but my bright sphere emanates

only what is useful to Creation.

Lord, SEHALIAH, do it with me

who is moved by the ardent desire to serve

can be fully realized,

and also that, with my action,

mature the good seed.

O SEHELIAH, do not let my temper

you express yourself with excesses.

That my summers are not too torrid

nor my winters too rigid.

Lord, let me always act in unison

with the cosmic beat

and that everything can be found,

through me, your perfect orbit,

its alignment with the Universe.

Sehaliah, angel 45, born 3 to 7 November. and the fifth angelic ray in the Solar Chorus of the Virtue Angels, in which he administers the energies of the Sun. Its element is the Water; has Zodiacal residence from 10th to 15th of Scorpio and is the Custodian Angel of the Born from 3 to 7 November.

His regency days are:

May 5: Joy

July 19: love

October 1: Shifts

December 12: Joy

February 21: Desire

and he rules daily from 14.40 to 15.00: healing, knowing, achievements

The traditional prayer to Sehaliah is the 18th verse of Psalm 93: It dicebam “Motus est pes meus,” Your mercy, O Lord, sustentabat me (When I said, “My foot is slipping, ‘your grace, Lord, I He claimed).

The six Scorpion Guard Angels are geniuses that make their born complex, determined, strong-bodied people, and a free spirit that is not left to dominate. The gift he has given is the promotion and the will that has been rediscovered.

The Virtues are a chorus whose name means courage and is governed by Archangel Raffaele who is He who heals from all evil.

Calling Strengths, Virtues assume the task of guiding peoples and groups of people. Their pursuit imitates God and accepts divine principles They are the inspiration of knowledge and culture. They define the characteristics of the elements of creation by allowing it materialization and manifestation.

Sehaliah, a solar angel, as the sun purifies what is obscure, making it bright and pure, in fact, he is capable of transforming and purifying our spirituality in action and health. A healer also of our soul that gives us the privilege of discerning good from evil, fosters learning, helps us channel our energy for altruistic purposes, gives vitality and health, is called to help in overcoming evidence and obtaining economic well-being honest way. It gives us the ability to confuse the wicked and transform the evil into goodness, endurance, humility, love and search for truth, protection of nature and living beings.

The Angel of the Abyss opposite him is called Nominon and represents pride; tyranny, eccentricity, acts that cause calamities and damaging atmospheres.


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