Samhain Ritual

Ritual of Samhain to start over and begin a new path, a new phase of life and let go of the past.
Put in a small table, stool or chair, a white candle, a black candle, two sheets of paper, a bottle of magic ink and pen or a bird feather you Found- modern replacement or a pencil-a small smokes made with rosemary, Pure-olibanum- frankincense and ginger and a glass of water or red wine. Create the circle and turn on the charcoal and rests on a little of the smokes, light the black candle, and as you breathe deeply, you write on a sheet of Everything That you want to forget, That Which has hurt you, thinking away from this. Be honest, take your time and let it flow from your unconscious to the emotions. When finished, burne the sheet over the flame of the black candle and bury the ashes under a tree in nature-away from home- or leave scatter to the wind. Then in another sheet write, concentrating how you would like the new beginning, the intentions, trying to be realistic and not get lost in unrealistic and not achievable dreams.
Drink a sip of wine and thanking the Great Goddess or Mother Earth, burne the paper in the flame of the white candle.
Let burn until to end the two candles. Melt the circle.
You bury in the ruins of the white candle and the ashes of the white sheet on a seedling at home, preferably in still young seedling symbolizing growth and development. Blessings sisters witches!

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