RHODONITE: Healing stone for our psyche

RHODONITE: Healing stone for our psyche

Wear best against depression and anxiety as a supporter in the heart. Rhodonite gives us rest and is suitable for meditation. Naturally, all of the Heisteins are only to be used as a supporting treatment.

The pink colored healing stone has a balancing effect on mood fluctuations: from the emotional chaos becomes clarity and transforms the way of communication.

Rhodonite gives us the power to change and makes us active in the realization of our dreams and wishes, which perhaps seem impossible and will olve blockadge and fear. It helps us to fight and to make the best of any situation and to keep nerves in dangerous situations or atrocities.

Rhodonite helps in the heart and circulatory system, but also in the respiratory system because it strengthens the lungs.

To clean the stone the best way is to wash under rainwater or running water and occasionally place unter sunlight .

In magic is applied in magic bags to preserve beauty or also to promote harmony in the family and fortifications in communication in friendships and relationships too.

In addition to the disturbance, it also gives us a soothing feeling and helps us to transform ourselves and heal all the psychological wound from the past situations.

The tradition says that the Romans often wore a rhodonite chain to protect themselves from the risks and dangers of long journeys.


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