Red colour in the aura

RED in the aura color is a very important color if it appears in our aura, especially if it is the most colour we find in the aura. That is the color of passion, the strength, the will, the aggressiveness, the materiality, the dynamism, the anger that seeks the result of the changes, of desire, of the appetite not only of food.
If it is the predominant color in the aura denotes a very exuberant and extrovers but also calculator. Very important for the aura is the shade of red, and as the red blends in with the other colors of the aura.
Coralline red light indicates insecurities and childishness. Yellowish red tending to dark yellow means a person who tends to want to improve, is active in the process the anger and seek change to itself and in relations with other people, rather it strives to help other people. Scarlet red indicates a person who is too sure of himself, proud. Red vermilion indicates a person who tends to nervousness, anxiety and distress. Brownish red indicates a person who criticizes and creates intrigue. when red is dark and dense, denotes destructive impulses, even latent aggressiveness and selfishness, sexual perversion, a person offensive and calculator, anger, impulsiveness, impetuosity, cunning and nervousness. red fact indicates diseases of the nervous system and psychological and psychiatric disorders. A red accompanied by greenish streaks indicates the desire for constructive human contacts and strong will to be realized both in professional life and in the sentimental life.persons who has red in his aura tries to prove not to be afraid, they are people who struggle, they have a lot of energy and they are also the people who manage to be in the spontaneous outbursts or make decisions.

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