It will called Raitho, Raid too and symbolizes the chariot of the God Thor, then travel, movement, change and transformation. As for the trips not only represents those materials, then go away, traveling from one place to another but also a voyage of discovery of ourselves, a journey into our inner self that can happen because we want it or because we are forced to situations and external events. It also means guidance, command, that we come to the right place, we take the reins of our lives and we act with courage and freedom.
This rune indicates everything that moves not just the means of transport, business, occupations and hobbies related to the movement but also the energy that gives us strength, vitality and movement and moving within us.
Raido teaches us to recognize this energy and transform it and use it.
It teaches us to take care of ourselves and discover new worlds, meeting new people and peoples, to open ourselves mentally and be actively authors of our destiny. Raido is the Rune that gives us perseverance, brilliance, power, was used in the Druid magic to the rites which called for the help and the power for both themselves both nell’ start new businesses.
To reverse the rune symbolizes delays, failures, conflicts, separations, warns us that we need help, but we need to evaluate people, a journey that does not end well, a deal that does not go into port or a trip to unexpected reason.

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