Pink colour in the aura

Pink is often found in the auras – emotional aura – of teenagers and children.

It indicates immaturity, joy, need and desire to play, naivety, harmony, altruism, simplicity, fun, love for other people and ones, purity, sincerity, being oneself.

In adults, the pink color assumes meaning with different variations: desire to get out of solitude and to create new friendships and love.

If the rose is percolated by streaks or yellow dots we have to wait for a person who at that moment is selfish so let’s look into looking at the other colors of his gold where this selfishness can arise and if it hides more behind it. If the rose has reddish strokes denotes a form of cynical and sarcastic fun.

The red mixed with red and blue indicate a scary person, an inexplicable fear that can result in panic attacks and anxiety while at body level shows psychosomatic nighttime disturbances and sleep disturbances.

The rose near the chakra of the crown and the third eye can denote great love and great charity, sincere intentions, seeking pure-hearted people. If the rose is accompanied by a light blue show a person with a great inner faith that often does not match practicing a religious faith, but also a calm and tranquil soul, innate healing abilities and high spirituality. Pink is the color of hope, growth, renewal, people dedicated to humanitarian purposes, or safeguarding the environment.

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