Perth is the rune of change, is the rune that urges us to change and look at life with optimism and audacity, teaches us that fate is the overall result of the decisions and choices we make during our lives and thus to assume a active attitude and to create the reality you want to live even if any changes can lead to confusion and difficulty. Perth fact we want to focus on what’s really important, to make our own decisions abandoning insecurities and fears
Perth is more than any other rune joy, joy and exuberance even if it invites us not exaggerate. But also it announces the material things that come into the open as winnings, lucky breaks, pregnancy, decisions, projects that result in work or in love. Inverted indicates confusion, negative and harmful influences from the outside, terrible secrets, indecision, mental instability, ritardi-
Perth symbolizes knowledge or project that are hidden, an inner secret to keep in order to later be born and materialized.
Perth is assocciata the goddess Frigg, wife of Odin who dressed as a cloak of hawk feathers, can travel in the sky, and has the gift of clairvoyance, the symbol of the Great Mother assisting couples, helps pregnant women and infertile women and exhibition at innocent women how to recognize the true love.
Perth symbolizes our inner self the talents and hidden skills, talents that do not occur, or that we can not see or hide well to the outside world.

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