Mother earth

For the Indians of America Earth was worshiped as Mother Earth was a divine emanation that we could not only connect with the Great Spirit, but could also recharge energy and activate the healing process. They could see the Great Spirit in all, in the sun, in the grass, in water, in a singlo stem of grass, in a breath. So the Indians were always connected with the Great Spirit and Mother Terra.Ma how you can begin to connect with the Earth and learn how to take root in it? We begin to walk short, we begin to go into nature and if possible to walk barefoot on the ground, on sand, on the shore of a river or the sea. At the beginning we start looking to better focus on what our senses tell us, we try to banish the daily thoughts that crowd our minds, and we try to only hear the birds singing, the earth below us, what ch evediamo without dwelling too of no feeling. Only when we have the feeling i have started to control our thoughts, and to be able to drive them out easily begin to exercise ourselves to dwell only on one direction. So for a time we will focus our attention on what we see trying to capture all possible shades, small details, then we’ll all heard trying to capture all the more for noise, more distant, then touch with his hands. Slowly after that we begin to feel under your feet. The next step is to combine the breath that we try to breathe the pure air and hold it a few seconds for us and then let it out forcefully, let’s make this a unique exercise, feel and breathe. Then we could move to embrace a tree and soffermrci on the strength that leads us, to let the lapping waves and to let ourselves be lulled, nothin in the heat of the sun and feel the light in us, let us look at a pebble. The fourth step would be more difficult that is, begin to see life in all forms of nature not just animals but also a flower, a leaf, a stream, a rock. We try to feel this life, her pulse, her breath in us, now is not more important, but imagine the feeling, each item must have felt like a part of us and us a part of them with respect and humility, let us feel like we were at the center of the earth and the earth, the nature around us and we foniamo with it, the tree no longer exists but we are in the tree, in the leaves, the branches, the trunk, the roots .. Indians could hear the rustle of the wind in themselves.

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