A rune with great significance and primordial force. Mannaz is the man, the humanity, the ancestors. also symbolizes the union between the divine and the human and the divine in us, it also symbolizes the primordial beginning, the cosmic egg that is a divine reality that is still to be able to transform, menstruation, the moon and the lunar magic, the transition and the return to life and death. everything at us is unconscious, lunar, unknown, magic, psychology is represented by Mannaz.
the rune Mannaz can be of help to develop memory, to analyze our unconscious and understand better, and to understand others better, it helps to keep alive the instinct of survival, enhance memory, this rune is also an invitation to those who remember We, our blood, our descendants, our genetic inheritance, the strong bond with our ancestors also died. but Mannaz also means the human interdependence, the need that others have of us and we need them, the intelligence and human help.

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