Magic bags

Magic bag for the night

to keep under your pillow and mattress to ward off nightmares, night visions, visits by negative beings and promote sleep, night cap and prophetic dreams. Put back into an small bag of silk or gold colored canvas or a small white chalcedony, a lavender sprigs or a white rose bud and a pure frankincense grain. close and of course the light of a past light a white candle of pure incense smoking. past the bag three times over the incense focusing purpose bag. ready!!! good night and good dreams.

 A protective talismanic bag?

In a small square of green or black cloth, place 3 nettle leaves and 3 grains of pure incense then add a nettle root and close with a cord. Of course you will have loaded and energized before the magic ingredients!




Burn a sprig of juniper and when it is cold put it together with a coin and 3 grains of incense in a square of green silk. Remember: while doing this and while you sew the small square to close it, with green thread, you must be very focused and try to visualize the purpose for which you are creating the bag. Be careful that even when preparing magic bags there is a rule: do not have selfish desires and remain rational in desiring.
Which means that it makes no sense to want to win billions in the lottery but rather to look forward to good opportunities to earn your finances or receive a promotion or for example to sharpen your senses in order to recognize the dangers or be protected. Luck is not just about receiving money, but also about creating lucky occasions in every field of life. Your task will be to recognize the signals and know how to interpret them and seize the opportunities that fortune presents to you.
After you light a candle and pass the bag 3 times over the candle fumes and 3 times on a pure incense fumigation. While doing this thank the Goddess of Fortune for situations or lucky occasions that will send you on your path and above all with humility you promise to use them for good.

In a square of black cloth (black because the protective bags should not be picked up and neutralized by any operator) put 3 grains of incense, 3 juniper berries and a pinch of salt. Sew it with black thread, focusing on what you would like to be protected, for example from negative energies or astral larvae or inferior intent spirits or attacks of black magic.
After you light a candle and pass the bag 3 times over the candle fumes and 3 times on a pure incense fumigation. Even here the rule of thank is worth.

Boil a handful of juniper needles and a handful of berries. Let infuse for about 10 minutes then squeeze well and filter and pour the water into the tank mixing it with normal hot water.

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