Kenaz – the sixth rune of the runic alphabet – is very important runes who mean torch as a symbol of knowledge and intellect, illuminates us giving us divine Ispiration. Kenaz is also the rune of healing and inner light and wisdom.

And Kenan is the rune of fire that purify us and our energy to increase the level, and generates transformations-creations and rebirthing. Indicates passion – regeneration – heat.

Kenaz to the law always presages a change above all in which we must let ourselves be guided by our intuition but also by our inner self-transformation and therefore advises us to accept this change but not to be passive therefore build and reflect. Kenaz gives us new possibilities and ways of salvation in fact Kenaz is like a liberating fire that frees us from something or someone. Kenaz offers us new perspectives and indicates that the time has come to evolve helps this evolution with harmony and benefits.

Overturned Kenaz indicates weakness – loss – destruction – stubbornness – prejudices and mental closure, but also changes that mark the end of something both in the field of work and the presence of people in our lives. Overturned Kenaz indicates that our personality is changing and blocks on what we do.

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