Jeremiel- Remiel

Often confused with the prophet Jeremiah is an archangel of apocryphal books, that is, books that were not recognized as sacred by Christian and Jewish traditions.

Over the centuries the Church did not approve the devotion of the faithful to the angels and decided during the various canonical councils to “drop some of them into the role of fallen angels” and in some traditions Geremiel was one of them. Also the name starting with J is not of Jewish origin in Aramaic but the original name would be Geremiel. In the Eastern Orthodox Church is recognized as an angel and his name means: God’s mercy or God’s fortress. He is considered the one who helps the souls of the living and the traversed to re-examine their own lives. In the various recognized Biblical traditions and not Jeremiel was an angel that often God sent to Israel to answer the questions of men and bring his message not only in word form but also in dreams and visions as he did with Baruch and Eszra.

In Ethiopian Enochian tradition it is called Ramiel and is considered Angel of hope that gives us divine visions and inspiration and is minister of souls who want to ascend to heaven and lord of souls who want to ascend to heaven. He was the one whom God poses above in fact, all those who arise are the one who carries the souls of the faithful into Paradise. His name would also mean: lightning sent by God.


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