INTROSPEKTION: the first step towards magic and spirituality

The first important step towards true knowledge of ourselves and our abilities is introspection. A technique that allows us to have the true knowledge of our unconscious and subconscious and in the future gives us the ability to discern sensations, energies, prejudices and thoughts from that of unknown entities but also to strengthen our character.This technique was widely explained by the great occultist Franz Bardon, one of the fathers of true esoteric and spiritual knowledge that left us some legacy.For good reason he argued that introspection is the basis of knowledge and you will see it yourself because it will awaken in you memories and feelings. Imagine yourself as if you were to conduct a self-analysis of yourself and be honest and over-critical and above all take time. I always remind you that the rush of wanting to learn and wanting to attain the tangible results right now is the worst way to make an esoteric and spiritual journey whatever it is.

The exercises I will give you take time, do it when you hear it without a specific time, but do it constantly and above all remember that even when – a long day away – after years of experience and study, you will have deep knowledge these exercises should be repeated not only control the development of your abilities even in order not to fall into typical mistakes such as becoming too material or too sure of how to work and flaunt.

The first rules in every magical tradition are those of knowledge, will and knowing to be silent but also humble and not to judge. The first 10 days do these exercises without thinking but impulsively, try to write just what you feel at the moment and you come to mind without thinking about the reason or when something has happened. You must come out of your subconscious and do not be surprised do not be ashamed.Take a notebook and divide each sheet into 3 parts in a horizontal line: in the first part write down what are your positive sides, in the second part your negative sides, and in the third part those that you can not catalog or that might be part of all categories. Warning: this is YOUR FRAME, so be extremely honest with yourself and do not let anyone read and always write down the date.

After this stage do the same exercise but write yourself consciously thinking and reflecting on your positive, negative and neutral qualities. This phase will last about a month and at this stage you only think about your qualities without reflecting on the cause of the quality and how you use the qualities. You will find that some sides of your personality sometimes seem to disappear and return in life.

The third stage is the hardest and in some aspects of the most painful sight because this time the phase is longer and is the final one that will open many channels. At this stage you have to stand for each quality not only to reflect but to analyze the various situations where you had to use these qualities. So for each quality you have to go back in time and rethink to various situations and circumstances and the reasons that made you use your character qualities – especially the bad ones.438408427Take so much time for this stage and do a deep analysis always asking why you are so and what were the circumstances – what did you think at the time and what made you use the qualities and could you change something or were you forced? would you do it now? Are these qualities innate in you or did you have to develop them in life and for what reason? You are not judging yourself but rediscovering and accenting yourself.

Imagine that you are in front of a mirror mirrored finishing mirrors and slowly discover a part of yourself and you can only see yourself with your imperfections.


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