Ingwaz, Ing, Inguz

Twentieth Rune: Ingwaz, also called Ing and Inguz, is a defined earthly rune representing fertility and life in seed and seed.

In fact, Ingwaw is an awakening and a departure from lethargy, a potential just discovered in us, a new life cycle or a material project that takes shape. This is a very strong rune that marks a new path and a new beginning but also solves something open and unfinished. Inguz also brings us with his feet to the ground reminding us that even in the lucky moments of life we ​​must not leave anything to chance but work hard and force ourselves. Inguz gives us fertility but sower is us.

Inguz also symbolizes conception, a person who has to do with earth and nature, abundance and prosperity, but not greed, financial and personal growth, even a moment of emotionally small conflicts is mitigated by Ingwaz’s influence. It gives us moments of creativity that we can express, harmony, peace and physical well-being.

The rune, in fact, is associated with lunar effects on the psyche of people and animals but also on the earth and how to work it. It gives us the energetic and physical forces to do the job or end a task.

It is defined as the rune of the family and sexuality, genetics and biology.

Ingwaz is a male rune because his name comes from Ing, God of Earth revered by the Danes running with his wagon, which in other traditions was identified as Freyr, the God of fertility, the son of Nertus, that is, Mother Earth.

If you endure the divination this rune falls to the reverse we must pay attention to our work, to our doubts and denotes uncertainties, pessimism, unstable and unsatisfactory work.

It is associated with the Apple tree, a tree that symbolizes genealogy.

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