How to separate you from someone else

How do you exoterically distinguish yourself from a known person who is an energetic vampire or a person with whom you were friends? Do you want this person to continue his journey but without you and leave you alone?

We clarify that it is not about black magic or rituals that infuse suffering or harm and danger to another person, but only to divide your paths and your esoteric and spiritual connection.Take a rope, place the photo of the person you want to remove from you or a ticket with his name and to the right your photo or a ticket with your name, photos or tickets facing each other. Turn on a white candle, the candle should be positioned about half the rope, so balanced in the distance between the photos. At this point concentrate on welcoming this person wishing you the good and continuing your life alone, wish you to find new people who will replace you and your new interests and then wish you all the things you want: peace, not being sought by this person, to undertake a free life full of energy.Turn the photos or the cards outward and imagine how you greet this person forever, cut the ropes with the scissors and hold the two flips imagined as if you and this person walking you head in different directions.Never turn around. When in your imagination the person will disappear, burn the extremities of the two rows of the rope as if to seal your separation. Then bury the rope in different places and away from each other.

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