How to do a perfect space clearing

It seems easy to purify a place whether it is a store or a house. The best procedure would really be to analyze a place by an experienced person who can assess whether there are negative energies or entities in the house and what they are.

Very often, in fact, negative emotions or violent events that happened in the place can become impregnated in walls or objects and create entities that by living in these energies and negative emotions try to recreate them. The same applies to houses or shops built in places where there have been cemeteries or battlefields: even here often experts in energy purification of places are often imaged in lost souls that are souls who do not want to leave that place or continue to relive endless actions before death spernado to change the situation that led to his death. In this case I suggest you really rely on an expert and do not try to communicate with these souls and above all do not make exocism or do-it-yourself rituals because they could really be very dangerous for your psychophysical health. If nothing unusual or pre-emptive happens in your home or your shop, there should be no nefarious or disturbing presences and you will need only small rituals that you can do yourself. The first ethical rule of magic and esotericism is always that of not overestimating us and until you are really able to do a Clearing, do not do it and do not unleash forces that you then do not know how to destroy or keep at bay.

What I propose to you today are simple rituals and ways to clean energetically and esoterically a place where you do not notice negative presences or demonic manifestations.

These rituals purify a place after having spent a period of illness or in that place you feel negative emotions that often result in quarrels or if for example you notice jealousy and envy or even if you are in a period of change and then because it is good. It is good to purify your home and your work place from hardships and emotions that can bring anger and fear or if you are living in a somewhat unfortunate or melancholic period.


In each room at the 4 corners and in the entrance door to the 2 corners laid of the bowls with salt and leave them for 3 days. Check them every day and you will notice that the salt will have changed color and sometimes even form and compactness. It will be darker and the grains almost sticky or sticky almost moist to show that it has already absorbed the negativity present.


An ancient remedy is to wash the floor of places with pure water and vinegar – some people also add salt and grains of incense – starting from the room furthest to the door and ending with it and then throw the water out of the house. When you wash, try to be really focused on washing away all the astral and emotional dirt in the house. Drive away other thoughts. Some people use reciting the psalm 110 while they wash the floor or the prayer of the Our Father while others recite Mantra or other forms of prayer of other religions. Some imagine Michele Arcangelo beside him that accompanies him in this action.


The best known and most famous – especially in the Arab countries where it is a daily tradition – is to incinerate every room that is in your incense or in a saucer put a charcoal and on some grains of incense – tradition wants in odd and pure numbers – and partnedo from the room furthest from the entrance door, start to go around the rooms, focusing especially in the corners and holding the incense or the saucer at the bottom so that the smoke rises on the walls. It takes some time and remember to ventilate the house well afterwards! Finished in the entrance door and if you can also incensate from the outside.


Wash the house with holy water taken from 7 different churches mixed with hallowed salt. in this case you should be so forward in your esoteric preparation to know how to consecrate the ale alone because it is very difficult to find in churches. The washing procedure is similar to that described in the vinegar method.


The so-called witches really knew the meaning of trees and plants and elements did not have much help and products available as in today’s world. So their knowledge was mostly passed down orally. They first used to sweep the house and throw the dust outside leaving it to be carried away by the wind. Incense but very often with using the plants that they themselves collected and dried therefore purifying plants such as sage or cedar wood sticks. They placed in the corners of the house and outside the home of pure and unprocessed crystals capable of absorbing negativity like rock crystal or onyx or black turmaline and Even inside the house and in their garden at the four corners often cultivated plants like rosemary. They never forgot in their formulas and prayers to thank God and the Goddess and lighted the white candles consecrated and prepared by themselves. In their doors were always hanging bunches of protective herbs and also talismans who prepared with their own hands with the products of nature as wooden pentacles or bunches of herbs and often in the front door they hid some garlic bagno rosa

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