You are going to a carmic passage, carmic passage symblolyze that you solve the carmic task in this life and you are going to be free of carmic influence, thats take time, circa 2 years. after this time you are more stronger as before, you get more vitality and energy, you have new ideas and inspirations, you find out side od you that are deep insight your subconscious and you can use your free will without meet carmic people or go trough carmic influences and situations, the sinn are intuitive and wake, cakras are cleaned and the psyche elaborated old trauma, self heilungspower are aktiv.

in the time you are going trough the carmic passage the life will completely changed and often that causes many problems and fights and a big confusion not only just with other people but with yourself too. it is like you lose the ground, you don t know anymore how you are, if all you did in life was wrong or right, how many chances you didn t use in life, often old friendship get broken, you can get feelings like hormoonsmood, many things and persons you liked before cannot be tolerate now, it is a feelings like searching the right place and right home and yourself, you get more irritable and unsatisfacted like you and your life were a spit that you can not control and what you most need is to be free and change all in you and out of you. by some people this process is during circa 6 months and it is a very hart time, you have the feeling of turning in a vortex quickly in endless.

And when you think you will never end suddenly from the nothingness you are born, you are free, your head thinks logical, shiny thoughts, new ideas take shape and you can concretize them, you have a new, instinctive force in you because the enemy passage is over and you have come back to The origins of yourself but with the baggage of experiences that gave you life and the people who accompanied you on this trip.

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