Handfasting means union of the hands. The handfasting is the symbol of German weddings, Celtic, pagan.In some countries this very ancient civil marriage is legally valid . the origins of handfasting born in pagan countries about in 1200. Formerly handfasting was the first promise, the official engagement which lasted a year and a day, the rope was tied gently so that it can slide, after this period the cup if he could untie the knot as a symbol of the dissolution of the engagement or arrange another handfasting ceremony as a symbol of the marriage. the rope was really tight to symbolize the union for life on earth and otherworldly.
The ceremony takes place as sent from the tradition in an open place, in the fields, woods, banks of the river or the sea, countryside or often in modern times in small quaint villages or near the castles.
How are they linked hands of spouses? once only with a rope or a ribbon. The bride and groom were tied his left hand with his right hand, the promises and always were exchanged with their hands tied the bride and groom had to pass some tests like cutting bread together, jumping together on a large stone or a branch is not resting on the ground, drink from the same cup, playing the corno.Questo meant to overcome the difficulties together, the strengthening of love and the creation of a family. Usually you create the magic circle, incenses, once the person with the most esoteric and magical knowledge called high princess held a short speech on the future couple.
During the ceremony the women embroider or create with green branches. often we rush, the Santa Brigida cross as a symbol and wish for fertility and protection of the house. It is celebrated to bagpipes, you are dancing folk dances.

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