Green color in the aura

GREEN color contains two definite meanings, namely stability and being rooted and helping other people in many forms, such as medical and paramedical professions, but also teaching or therapeutic sports.
More the green is electric especially in the area of ​​the arms and hands the closer you are to have the qualities of the healing healers with your own energy.
A emerald green with its characteristics can also cure a great intuition and inner faith and high moral values ​​and an intense passion for healing that goes beyond material and personal gain.
Lively green is a color often found in people who after a period of research and inner psychological and spiritual journey have opened up to others.
The green light apple symbolizes strong vitality and good health while sprinkled with gray or rough streaks shows a clever personality with few scruples. An opaque green also shows jealousies and envy and represents a very selfish and narcissistic person.
Attempts to yellow streaks or yellow or rusty flashes in the green, because these symbolize a deceptive, hypocritical, and jealous character.
Instead, the light blue color such blue sky color mixed with green or streaked gives us courage and sacrifice, but also the search for inner beauty and sincerity. But it also denotes a compassionate and sympathetic person that easily adapts to the situation of life.
Path from red stripes green shows the stability and sense of responsibility. It symbolizes the traits of a balanced and serious person who loves family life and is committed to building a future. A dark green demonstrates problems of insecurity and low self-esteem and frustration,
Green represents in the body the heart area and our inner balance, but also the search for fidelity and safety in life and weigh and not act impulsively. Green is also the color of growth that approaches nature so an energizing and revitalizing color that purifies and fills us, the color of rebirth.

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