The full moon is the time when the moon is at its peak because it closes the crescent moon and begins with that of the waning moon, so it encloses all the features and influences of the moon phases and is able to help us to: past and start a new path – destroy negativity in the rituals of protection and purification – mitigate sorrows and disturbances in healing rituals – start new businesses – foster the resumption of love – materialize desires.


We write per hand on a white sheet or better still on a vegetable parchment that we want to free ourselves. It can be a vice – a person who disturbs us – a painful past that is troubling us – a difficult situation – or a love we can not forget. Importate is focus on the intention of really wanting to close a negative and painful phase and reopen it a new and positive one.

Let’s light the incense and a black candle and burn the leaf slowly, imagining us to move away from the past without turning around. We throw the remains of the leaf into the wind or throw it away. Now we turn on a white candle and write what we want by using only positive statements and engaging in change. Let us walk on uphill to a landscape in nature where we are happy. We also burn this sheet and we buried the remains in the darkness of a plant in the house or in the woods. let’s turn off the candles by yourself.


The best time to charge and purify our magic objects and crystals and stones is just that.

Let’s light a white candle and concentrate.

Let us light the pure incense of grain and pass the tarot deck – the roses – the pendulum – crystals and stones and small magical objects on the incense smoke and then plunge them into a window sill where the full moon light arrives.

For larger objects we can put them in a box or container – better than copper – and in the center turn the incenso with their hands try to push the fumes circularly around the magic objects and then put them in a place where the moon light. Let’s burn the incense and do not turn it off.


Go to the open at the direct moonlight holding the palms of your hands facing the moon, after about 5 minutes you will begin to feel a heat or a tingling or a feeling of heaviness – your hands are absorbing lunar energy – your energy and you will make it when they are fully loaded.

you imagine that this energy walks through your arms to your head and slowly goes down through the limbs coming to your feet – goes up on your legs, expanding in your back and trunk to your head and rests in your hands

luna pienapiena

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