The incense from a plant the best-known resin, ancient and used for centuries.
A plant of the genus Boswellia shrub, which grows wild in the Arabian Peninsula and in East Africa, from which we get a very fragrant and oily resin commonly called incense. In all magical and religious traditions it was used to purify environments, altars and places of worship images, against epidemics.

In magic I recommend to use the incense grains or drops or polverizzatelo as a tradition and not essential oils. They are used as the basis for any type of smokes because they represent part of the protective and cleansing at the same time strengthens the effectiveness of the other components of the fumigation.

the incense frankincense “the golden-brown color and transparent, or variant tears Luna white-creamy, opaque color or the incense turkish that the smaller grains and blacks. It is used as the basis for any type of incense because it is good for any purpose and strengthens the ‘effectiveness: consecration, purification, love, prosperity, health, clairvoyance, exorcism. Its scent also makes it more pleasant ones too intense resins.
The auspicious incense all sorts of prayers, invocations and evocations, argues develops the mental faculties and the latent energy, wakw the imagination and leaves you feeling calm.

In healing and in the pharmaceutical industry for its wealth of substances that act on inflammation, is active against arthritis, colitis, asthma and rheumatic diseases.
The incense is not only a pain reliever, but fights especially chronic or recurring inflammation that affect the intestinal tract and respiratory mucosa. Also useful in case of acute infections with fever and painful conditions in general, menstrual pain, headache.

Recipe for a purifying bath also usable for washing the rooms and purify environments: mix salt, powdered grains of incense or eucalyptus and sage leaves with hot water.

Recipe for a good frankincense oil: in a sterilized glass jar put a handful of incense in grains, then add olive oil. leave some weeks in a cool and dark. then you can use the oil to anoint candles in rituals to purify magical tools, to massage sore muscles after first warmed in a water bath. The incense can then use as smoke.

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