Fluorite is famous to have a special healing effect for a long time.
Violet fluorite: is good for the head and brain.
Green fluorite: has a positive effect on the lungs, improves the absorption capacity and restricts the level of examinations, concentrates, brings clarity int chaos stuctions.
Reddish fluorite: stabilizes the psyche, gives more flexibility, sensitizes the intuition, strengthens the concentration and gives more sense of responsibility.
Regenbogenfluorit: he brings us something from every stone and puts us completely in his way in harmony and balance with ourselves, slips and cleans the body.
Blue fluorite: in colds, infections, in children for concentration disorders.
Yellow fluorite: in the case of spleen, kidney and bladder diseases, blood cleansing and also helps with damaged liver tissue.
Violet fluorite: brings mind and body in harmony with headache and migraine. Helps love and intuition to develop and unfold.
The fluorite should be unloaded and cleaned once a week under running lukewarm water and then recharged in the sun.
Suitable for meditation, wear directly on the skin, better if put directly on the 3 eye. Drink a glass of fluorite water daily, just put a piece of pure fluorite into the water.
The fluorite water stimulates the regeneration of the skin, heals it with pimples and wounds, frees the airways, bones and teeth, affects posture, prevents caries and gum infections, helps with arthritis and osteoporosis.
In magic, protectives given to the fluorite are protected against dark powers and beings. Is also an optimal meditation stone.
In China, the stone was worn as a lucky charm protecting black magic and suicide thoughts.

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