Finding your energetic place

What are the energetic places? Find Yours!

Energy sites are places where special energies are emanating from very strong and deep vibrations.

Not only us – like all things – we are enveloped in an electromagnetic field, but the planet Earth is in it and in the Earth when crossing the particular electromagnetic lines create vortices that emit high frequency energy.

This energy allows us to connect not only with our superior ego but also with spiritual guides and the universe.

Today I am looking to analyze the most easily accessible energy sites, but they also give us a strong and concrete energy: all the natural places that reflect the elements. You have to feel and do not rationally decide that a place is your energy place. How this place of power pulsed with energy and life for you.

For example the woods or the sea or a sunny rocky plain.

It’s not just about walking in a silent or unspoiled place but being able to feel the energies that emanate the place. A place that gives you harmony and draws you from negative energies by absorbing them and transforming them into positive energies and inner strength … a place where you feel free … where the senses seem to awaken and begin to be conscious of the true you And in which you often have deep extrasensory perceptions as visions … where the power of the element connects you with Mother Earth and the Universe and with the spirits of the beings who lived in that precise place.

Sometimes a small, almost anonymous place can give as much energy as if it was a famous and very visited place.

Often tree branches grow crossing and in these crosses the electromagnetic fields are formed. We think of what power can the union of electromagnetic energy with the strength of the tree and its characteristics – an immense and pure force to which we can draw but remember always that we must be grateful to these places as sacred. Rispettiamoli. Often women called witches brought little presents in sacred places like animal food or water or flower garlands. Very often, too little things to which we do not give meaning create energy: for example, ants with their work and endless walking to look for food and accumulate for the winter, but they also create a solidarity and complicity energy.

Also, it is important not to expect too much from our perceptions or to try to imagine them by convincing them to have them.

We do not seek a place of energy to have esoteric and spiritual views or experiences but to receive them and they will come when the universe decides that we are ready and open and mature to receive this gift.

When you find your energy place sit barefoot and if possible lie down with your back in contact with the ground.

Breathe and wait to concentrate on what you feel and try not to think about anything. You just have to feel and let yourself be wrapped of nature.

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