Easy smokes recipes

Today I recommend the ingredients for  some easy magic smokes.

Smoke to gain doubts for clarity and clarity: stellaria, incense and sandalwood.

Incense for every ritual: Incense, Myrre, Damiana.

Smoke for finding true love: incense, 3 red rose petals, lavender or cinnamon powder.

Smoke for protection in protection and banish ritual: Teuefelsblut, incense,To solve the conflicts in love and friendship: copal, oak bark, incense.

For passion: galangal root, mastic, opoponax.

Sandarax, frankincense and calamus root for divination.

To clean magic tools: artemisia, incense, lemon peel.

  • We want to encourage communication with angels and spirit guides or deceased? Incense in grains, eucalyptus leaves and ginger root.We want to let go of a situation or a person to be able to start in our lives?Myrrha beans, leaves of sage green, drops of amber.We want to attract your true love? orris root, incense gold beans, rose petals or lavender flowers.

    To encourage meditation? of sweet flag roots, berries or mistletoe leaves, mint leaves.

    To develop our hidden faculties? Verbena leaves, nutmeg, wormwood leaves.

  • Smokes with Myrrh:To relax and go into trance or in meditations and divinations mixed in equal parts with pure Olibanum, myrrh and storace incense.

    For protection and re-acclimatization in the world of feelings and emotions and prayers for true and genuine love, mix myrrh, 3 petals of pink broccoli and sandaracca or if you want golden incense.

    Mirra, cloves and aloe or sandalwood for rituals of prosperity and fortune and abundance especially for people working with earth and natural products.

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