Dreaming of a bridge

Dreaming of a bridge has several rather important meanings.

The bridge itself assumes the meaning of union because it unites two shores but also of passage, therefore change and crossing. The bridge often indicates more an internal transformation than an immediate change of a situation and, even if it is a change, whoever crosses the bridge is the architect of what will happen.

A recurring dream is that crossing the bridge this collapse, if the part already crossed then collapses behind us, means that we are leaving behind and forgetting or psychologically elaborating the events that have traumatized us.

If the front part collapses and we feel in danger or fall, this often represents a situation that frightens us or our existential fears or even something that we are about to start and we have anxiety and anguish about the outcome. Often this dream also symbolizes anxiety before examinations or job interviews or an important life change or hearings.

If we cross the bridge without encountering obstacles, it can be both a message of good omen for the future and a symbol of trust for ourselves and the future. But we are always attentive to what surrounds the bridge, then to the landscape around it and to people or animals. Let us remember that interpreting a dream means analyzing all its components, therefore colors and people, what one feels and sees in dreams, times and landscapes, sequences and actions. Jumping from a bridge warns us that we are either concentrating on risky businesses or facing big problems that seem to us with no way out and we feel desperate. A bridge under construction means something that is being built and that we are using our mental part more than the emotional part but we observe well who builds the bridge: if we are not we may be forced to live a future that does not belong to us. Falling from a bridge symbolizes our fears of failure or a situation in which we feel immersed in danger but we analyze where we fall and what happens after and before falling. Let us not forget that dreams also help us to change our future, whether we are messages of our subconscious and of our soul, or messages of departed persons or entities. Dreaming of being under a bridge is also a common dream that indicates or that you are seeking protection or that you are not ready to change or make a decision or that you are hiding. A bridge submerged by water can also have different meanings, so you can well analyze the water symbol that will bring you back to fears and feelings, if covered with grass or plants look at the quality here too and how or if you cross the bridge.

Internally crossing a bridge symbolizes a passage and this reveals a lot of the subconscious personality of the person, in fact what is under the bridge represents obstacles and dangers – for example mud or rivers in flood – or tranquility and feelings – for example grass and flowers or streams.

Always try to analyze where you are in the dream and what position you assume, even if you happen to see you split, that is, crossing the bridge and looking at it from the outside. This can mean either something that you would like to do or are measuring yourself or your subconscious is letting you act autonomously and looks at you or a rather rare explanation is that the person who is looking at you is now and your ego crossing the bridge you in your past life. Every action in a dream can be interpreted in various ways, a dream is like a puzzle.

Always ask yourself questions if you want credible explanations or give them to the person who dreamed, but the more elements you will have the more you will be able to understand and give the right meaning and clarify doubts.

Also the material of which the bridge is made are important for example the stone that indicates solidity and stability or the wood that symbolizes something remote but also traditional or a domestic hearth.


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