Crown chakra

The Chakra of the Crown – Sahasrara – the seventh chakra – is at the top of the head – what is commonly called the children’s fountain – and governs the pineal gland and the nervous system. It is linked to purple color and is also known as the Lotus by a thousand petals. This chakra lies on our head a few millimeters.

The Crown Chakra is what allows us to connect with our superior IO and with the divine and the universe.

In fact, when this chakra is open we are one with the universe and our energetic has direct contact with the highest spiritual spheres of ourselves and our purest divine essence allowing us to have wonderful experiences as memories of previous lives Or the awakening of our extrasensory senses. It seems almost to live so-called spiritual enlightenment, because we are balanced and our healing forces do not only act on ourselves but on other people and on the environment without us doing anything to use them.

When it is dirty or disharmonized we will feel alone and desperate and have a change of mind, creating only negative thoughts and energies that also affect people around us and attracting other energies that undermine our inner balance deeply and also cause serious psychological and corporal disturbances. We will feel closed and proud and intolerant.

When the chakra of the crown is activated, he absorbs and leaves all the chakras in the universal energy, and with its great power it eliminates the blocks and malfunctions.

Crown chakra is never locked but we have never been accustomed to using it in the best way it is as if sleeping awaiting awakening.

How to activate it?

First of all, this is a long process so let us arm ourselves with so much patience and humility.

There are several ways to activate it as deep meditation or some prefer to practice yoga or zen while others prefer contact with the pure apiu natur so spend some days alone in the mountains.

People who have a sensory connection with crystals meditate on amethysts or crystals of violet colors or other people begin to awaken propia spirituality while waiting for the chakra to wake up alone or others use the technique of gratitude trying to be grateful for everything that It happens to be seen as an integral part of the awakening path and learning from its own mistakes.

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